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What People Are Saying

"I have a bad knee from a botched surgery. Within minutes of putting DR-7 on my knee, the pain was gone. Amazing!"

"I have arthritis in my throwing arm and it's difficult to throw. After a few minutes I could throw with no pain."

"I have severe peripheral neuropathy. I've not been able to wiggle my toes or even wear socks in years. After 15 minutes I could wiggle my toes!! I haven't had one single opiate since using DR-7 for my PN. I'm a believer - it changed my life!"

"I suffer from severe muscle cramps due to chemo. Within just a few minutes after rubbing in DR-7, the cramps and pain go away. I use it every day."

"DR-7 really helps my arthritis in my hands and arms"

"My shoulder feels much better. I can actually raise my arms now past my shoulder!"

"After hours of working in the salon every day, my hands ache from doing hair all day. DR-7 took the pain away in minutes."

"After years of working out, I suffer from old injuries - especially in my hands and shoulders. DR-7 is next level in relieving pain."

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